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Leah’s Migraine Fundraiser

Leah Silecchia / Fundraise Your Way

As those close to me know, I was diagnosed with chronic migraine last April (2021). Prior to my diagnosis, I had undiagnosed episodic migraine, meaning I had attacks once or twice a year. Now, I am in daily chronic pain. After a year of trial and error, my pain has decreased overall but is still occurring daily with only about 2-3 attack free days a month. This disease is awful and debilitating. I am fortunate enough to have the energy to fight it, access to high quality specialty care, and ability to advocate for myself, but many others are not so lucky as I’ve sadly read countless stories of frustrated people (mainly women) who have had to go on disability and cannot work and do not have access to quality healthcare. My birthday is at the end of August, and I would like to raise some money to support migraine research. It is incredibly under researched- so much so that the cause(s) of migraine is/are still unknown. This is largely due to the fact that it’s a predominantly female disease. I am hopeful that breakthrough research will occur in my lifetime and help me along with every other migraine sufferer life a better life.
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About Leah’s Migraine Fundraiser

I am raising money all throughout August for the American Migraine Foundation to help support research on migraine’s pathophysiology, causes, and effective treatments.