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    Cindy Williams

    $200.00 / 70 days ago

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    Carol Laws

    $100.00 / 71 days ago

    LaVar was such a good person. He was always helping others.

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    Denise Waldo

    $100.00 / 72 days ago

    Donated in memory of LaVar Pitts.

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    Tamara Bowles

    $50.00 / 73 days ago

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    Michelle Nelson

    $25.00 / 73 days ago

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    Justin Cooper

    $250.00 / 73 days ago

    In memory of a great man, coworker and leader.

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    Rex Bluemel

    $100.00 / 73 days ago

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    Lisa Arebalo

    $50.00 / 74 days ago

    LaVar was a kind and caring man. He will be very missed and never forgotten.

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    Morgan McGraw

    $50.00 / 74 days ago

    What a genuine soul LaVar is. He will be so deeply missed. Our hearts go out to his beautiful family.

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    Tyler Laws-Mahe

    $50.00 / 74 days ago

    Though I only met you a few times, I feel like I knew you well because of how frequently and glowingly my mother talked about you. I have fond memories of camping and playing with you and your family many years ago at family reunions. The world is a better, kinder place because of who you were and the legacy you left.

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    Lisa Foster

    $50.00 / 74 days ago

    So often the words “should have” are used and for me today these words are true...we “should have” taken one more trip! But so many wonderful memories to carry in my heart. We will take good care of your sweetheart.

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    Brendan Donovan

    $5.00 / 75 days ago